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Dr. Khanade Hospital's Recovery Tips

Excellent Recovery tips for Ob-Gyn operations


  • Plan to rest and relax the afternoon and evening of your surgery. Even after minor surgery, you may feel drowsy and tired for a number of hours. Expect to rest the first day after your surgery. 

  • Check with your physician before performing any strenuous activities after the surgery. 

  • You should not drink or smoke for at least 24 hours after surgery. 

  • You should not drive a car or operate machinery until your doctor confirms it is safe to do so. 

  • Do not make any major decisions, such as signing contracts, for at least 24 hours after your surgery. 


  • Do not lift heavy objects (more than 8 pounds) for the first 4 weeks. Also avoid pushing, pulling or abdominal pressure for these first 4 weeks. 


  • Your doctor will most likely prescribe medications during your recovery period. Please have the prescriptions filled as soon as you leave the hospital. 

  • Take the medicine as instructed for the maximum benefit. 


  • Your doctor should inform you of how to care for your dressing. 

  • Keep the dressing clean and dry, and watch for signs of infection, which include swelling around the area of the wound, redness, warmth or heat, excessive bleeding or drainage, a foul smell, pain or a fever. ​


  • Your doctor will instruct you on the diet that is best for you. You will most likely be instructed to start with clear liquids, such as soft drinks, tea, apple juice, then advance to soup and crackers before gradually working up to solid foods. 

  • Avoid greasy, heavy foods the first day. 

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