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Dr. Khanade Hospital's Human Factors Success Matrix

Measuring success in clinical settings during Ob-Gyn service provision
Statistics since (Jan 2020)

At Dr. Khanade Hospital we believe in continuously improving our Hospital and Patient care. We measure key indicators at our Hospital to check our competence and to let our Patients know about our Quality care.


New patients to returning patients percentage


Preventable Injuries in the Hospital wrt to healthcare professionals

83% Excellent, 11% Good, 6% Neutral

Patient Satisfaction wrt to obstetrics and gynecology services

16 mins

Average Wait time for patients to receive a consultation from our best gynecologists


Readmissions % related to surgery rework, infections, obstetrics concerns, gynecologic concerns

2% BSI, >1% AAD, >1% UTI

Infections % (UTI, Surgical wound infection, Blood stream infections, Pneumonia, Anti-biotic Associated Diarrhea) post gynecologic surgery

28% R, 33% U,39 C)

Insurance (Reimbursement, Uninsured, Company)

2.1 Days

Average Hospital Stay for gynecology laparoscopic and open surgeries

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