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Medical Bills at Dr. Khanade Hospital

Ob-Gyn Medical bills

To provide best possible care

Bill Estimate

  • Estimate of expenses which will be incurred for the treatment will be given to you by your attending doctor. Your formal consent to pay the bills will be recorded

  • Please note the estimate is just an approximate figure and may increase/decrease as per your actual treatment.

  • The expenditure structure provided is for a planned treatment protocol as desired by the doctor in the patients best interest. It is likely to increase if your treatment protocol changes and any unplanned emergency surgical procedures or medicines are required for providing the best healthcare to the patient. Your attendants must discuss your condition with the treating doctor on daily basis and keep updated on the course of treatment being followed.​

Deposit :-

  • You are requested to deposit certain advance at the time of admission. The amount will vary as per your treatment.​

  • As and when the bill exceeds the deposited amount, You will be requested to make appropriate deposits. You can ask for an interim bill if you need so for any clarification.

  • One of our Patient representative staff will approach you and request to make appropriate deposits time to time. Your cooperation with our staff will be highly appreciated.

  • All financial transactions are accepted in the form of cash, credit/debit card and demand draft only. Payment in the form of cheques is not acceptable.

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